Thursday, January 31, 2013

Put down the blog and nobody gets hurt!!!

       In the world of self-help parenting books, blogs, newsletters & workshops on raising the ideal baby by being the ideal parent and all that lies inbetween, there lies that dead zone that I, myself, admittedly sometimes forget about.

       Putting down the proverbial 'book' and just being.        

       I know, it sounds so elementary, but you would be surprised at how many parents get wrapped up in the constant unraveling of solutions, almost to the point of being blind-sided by the fact that their children are sitting there displaying the exact same behaviors that they were attempting to draw out of them in the first place. All the while, they read and read, agree with their internal self-dialogue, and pursue to no end, the gaining of insights and skills necessary to do whatever it is they are wanting to learn how to do with their children.

"You will learn by reading. You will understand with love."

       And, yet, I maintain my stance: Put the book down and just BE. You are going to be so much more the parent you are reading about being by merely being present, than you ever will perusing chapters in the latest and greatest creation on early childhood development. Please do not mistake this article as a shunning of all things written form, created to aide in your development as a successful parent. I merely suggest that you take a little more time in just remaining present and loving for your children, and a little less time reading about it.

        As much as your child is lucky and will most certainly benefit from the knowledge that you gain from that book/magazine/blog/newsletter/graffiti on the wall at the local coffee shop, there is nothing that can substitute true presence in their life. So, without further adieu, I am going to exit virtual-stage left and ask that you do the same, if only until the next article ;-)


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